Apple’s new mobile operating system IOS7 is finally starting to resemble Android traits.


Look, I am not a fan boy of any thing. When I purchase a product I do not think about the masses, I think about what fits me the best and how it will help me do what I need to accomplish on a daily basis. One thing I always admired Apple for was their simplicity in their operating system and how it always” just works”. But on the other hand that is the main reason I steer clear of their products, that and their refusal for bigger screens on their phones.  Their simplicity sometimes hinders me from accomplishing what I need to do on the fly and always end up going back to my laptop, which slows me down. It is also the main reason why I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

However It appears with Apple’s IOS7 mobile operating system they finally maybe starting to catch up. The drop down toolbar thingy is starting to look a lot like Android’s drop down settings toolbar. Which is a good thing in my opinion. Basically what I am getting at is this, if Apple can have all the same features as Android but be more stable and have a superior app store. What will be keeping them from reigning supreme in the mobile tech world? Price? Inferior hardware? Lets just hope they include a usable file system in their lastest version!!! Also while I am dreaming a S-Pen or as Apple would call it, a I-Pen would be nice as well with a Wacom digitizer.